Please read our Appointment Policy and Service Agreement:


Our Appointment Policy was developed in the best interests of our members and our staff.

Please note that single appointments cannot be completely cancelled, they must be rescheduled or rebooked in future as “make up lessons.”

1.  To reschedule an appointment, submit the “Reschedule A Lesson” request form.  The form is conveniently located at the homepage, and can also be accessed from the “Manage Appointments” menu of your Member Zone account.  Requests to reschedule lessons are not accepted by telephone or any other way.  

Requests must be submitted by 5pm the day prior to the appointment.  Late requests may be declined. Notwithstanding the required notice period, we encourage you to submit late requests – we may be able to grant them but there’s no guarantee.

Appointments are finalised at end of business the previous day.  Staff must be paid for their work hours as scheduled at the end of business the previous day, and therefore if you do not attend the appointment it cannot be rescheduled. Your coach will still use the time to benefit you through lesson planning and resources development.  They will also provide you with feedback, practice instructions and resources where intended via your Member Zone account.

While we appreciate you may wish to call as a matter of courtesy if you cannot make a scheduled appointment, please don’t call in for this.  Your coach is under clear instructions to perform duties for your benefit if you fail to show for an appointment.

2.  When you submit the Reschedule A Lesson request form on time, we will aim to reschedule your lesson at the earliest opportunity.  If availability prevents this in the first instance, we will issue you with a make up lesson you can use any time during your membership. You can also use your make up lessons to book workshops.  You can view your make up lessons from your Member Zone account.

3. Where necessary due to staff illness or absence, another Guitar Gym staff member may conduct your appointment.

4. In the event of The Guitar Gym needing to reschedule your lesson due to staff unavailability, refunds may be issued at the discretion of The Guitar Gym if the lesson cannot be rescheduled after reasonable attempt.

*Additional Conditions for Duo Lesson Programme: Duo lessons require both members to attend 90% of lessons together. If you are taking pairs lessons and your lesson partner is away, your lesson will still proceed and you do not have to pay extra in this case. If you are taking pairs lessons and you need to reschedule a lesson, you may schedule a private lesson without paying extra (maximum 1 in 10 lessons).

**Additional Conditions for Group Lesson Programmes: In very rare cases where only 1 member is present for a group lesson, that lesson shall operate as a 30 minute private lesson.


1. There is no required minimum commitment for membership, except by condition of special offer. Memberships are perpetual until cancelled.

2. i) Membership may be cancelled by notifying The Guitar Gym administration via email with 2 weeks notice.
ii) Any remaining “make up lessons” at the time of membership cancellation will expire 14 days after the membership end date. Make Up Lessons are non refundable. You are paying for a program which includes your program development and a standing, weekly appointment reservation, not on a “per lesson” basis.
iii) You agree to pay for any fees that may be owing at the time of your membership cancellation.
iv) If You cancel your membership we cannot guarantee the same appointment time or program place will be available to you in the future.
v) Your membership may be cancelled by The Guitar Gym if we wish to discontinue offering service to you for any reason.

3. The Guitar Gym can “pause” your membership where you wish to take leave of 2 or more consecutive weeks. You are required to submit the “Notice of Leave” form ( with 7 days notice in this case. Where this form is received, The Guitar Gym will:
i) retain Your make up lessons,
ii) pause/delete the Direct Debit payments for the period of leave such that make up lessons do not accrue; and
iii) hold the Your weekly appointment reservation where leave time is deemed reasonable. We guarantee we will hold Your time slot for a maximum of 4 weeks.  In cases of prolonged leave, it is unlikely we will be able to hold Your appointment time slot.

4. Fees are non refundable, except in the case of appointment reservations falling on studio closure dates.

5. Fees are subject to change. Notice will be provided to members in all cases prior to fee changes. Fees generally increase by small margins annually.

6. If Your fees fall in arrears due to non payment, no further lessons will be granted until payment is resolved and fees owing are paid.

7. The Guitar Gym reserves the unrestricted right to copy, publish and use media taken from The Guitar Gym related events for promotional and commercial purposes.

8. This “ Service Agreement” incorporates the “Appointment Policy“

9. Reference to “You” in this agreement includes the parents or guardians of under aged members.

10.  The Guitar Gym may amend this Service Agreement from time to time.

If you have any questions after reading please refer to the Member FAQs page.