a) There is no required minimum commitment for membership, except by condition of a special offer, if applicable.

b) Memberships are ongoing and perpetual until terminated.


You can “pause” your membership where you wish to take a leave of absence for 2 or more consecutive weeks. If you wish to take a leave of absence, you are required to submit the “Notice of Leave” form with 5 business days notice.

If this form is received, The Guitar Gym will:

a) delete scheduled fee payments equalling the number of weeks of leave taken such that make-up lessons do not accrue; and

b) hold the your weekly appointment reservation where the leave period is not greater than 4 weeks.

Please note:

c) If you take leave, we guarantee we will hold your appointment time slot for a maximum of 4 weeks, on up to two occasions per 12 month period.

d) Although we will endeavour to hold your preferred appointment time slot, in cases of prolonged or frequent leave, it may not be possible. 

e) You cannot attend appointments (including using make-up lessons), while on leave.

f) Individual appointments that cannot be attended must be rescheduled; ie. leave cannot be taken for individual or non-consecutive weeks.


a) Fees are payable only via our direct debit billing system.

b) Fees are non refundable, except in the case of appointment reservations falling on studio closure dates.

c) Fees are subject to change. A minimum of one month notice will be provided to members prior to fee changes. (Fees are generally increased annually in line with increasing operation costs).

d) If you have a declined payment it will reprocess after three business days if we haven’t been contacted by you.  If payment fails to clear after two retry attempts, no further appointments will be granted until payment is resolved and fees owing are paid.


a) You may terminate your membership by submitting the Membership Termination Request form with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

b) Any remaining make-up lessons at the time of membership termination will expire 3 months after the membership end date.

c) Time slots are not held beyond the membership end date. Former members wishing to use make up lessons must book them individually via the online scheduler.

d) Make-up lessons are non-refundable. You are paying for a program subscription which includes your lesson program development and a weekly, exclusive appointment reservation, not on a “per lesson” basis.

e) You agree to pay for any fees that may be owing at the time of your membership termination.

f) If you terminate your membership we cannot guarantee the same appointment time or program place will be available to you in the future.

g) The Guitar Gym reserves the right to terminate your membership if your attendance rate falls below 80%, excluding business closure periods.

h) Your membership may be terminated by The Guitar Gym if we wish to discontinue offering service to you for any reason.


a) The Guitar Gym reserves the unrestricted right to copy, publish and use media taken from The Guitar Gym related events for promotional and commercial purposes.

b) This “Service Agreement” incorporates the “Appointment Policy.“

c) Reference to “You” in this agreement includes the parents or guardians of under-aged members.

d) The Guitar Gym may amend this Service Agreement from time to time.