Our Appointment Policy was developed in the best interests of our clients and our staff.  Unlike the vast majority of music teaching organisations, our system allows us to be highly flexible and permit unlimited appointment rescheduling while ensuring our clients are receiving the frequency of contact needed to achieve a good return from their investment.

  1. Single appointments cannot be completely cancelled, they must be rescheduled or rebooked in future as “make-up lessons.” Cancelling an appointment does not effect your fee schedule.
  2. To reschedule an appointment, please use the Online Scheduler.  Using the Online Scheduler has the benefit of allowing you a shorter notice period if you cannot attend an appointment. (Currently under trial at 8 hours notice, ONLY if using the online scheduler) If a suitable time is not available immediately, the appointment is simply filed as a “make-up lesson” which you can book at a later date.
  3. If calling or emailing the office (not using the online scheduler), the deadline for notice if you cannot make an appointment is by 5pm on the day prior to the appointment.
  4. Any communication directly to your coach does not constitute notice of any kind. Coaching staff have no responsibilities regarding appointment management.
  5. Unfortunately we cannot make exceptions whereby late notice for non attendance is accepted, regardless of the reason.
  6. You can use your make-up lessons to book workshops. A make-up lesson for a 30 minute private appointment is equivalent to a workshop fee.
  7. Where necessary due to staff illness or absence, another staff member may conduct your appointment. Wherever possible, we will endeavour to give you advance notice in this case, however in the case of emergencies we may not have time to contact you.
  8. You may reschedule an appointment that is scheduled with another staff member, however this is subject to the same terms above (items 1 to 3).
  9. In the event of The Guitar Gym needing to reschedule your lesson due to staff unavailability, refunds will be issued if the lesson cannot be rescheduled after reasonable attempt.
  10. We are open on Public Holidays and school holidays (except for Christmas-New Year period) and appointments continue as usual. We will always advise you if your appointment is cancelled due to closure or staff leave.

Appointment Policy FAQs

What should I do if I can't make my appointment at short notice?
While we appreciate you may wish to call as a matter of courtesy if you cannot make a scheduled appointment at short notice, please don’t call in for this, there really is no need.  Our office has a high volume of calls as it is, and in the early afternoon we often experience a high number of calls to advise non attendance. As you are paying, and your coach is being paid, they have directions to perform duties for your benefit if you are not present for an appointment. They will know you aren’t coming by virtue of you not being there : ) They are in no way inconvenienced by not knowing in advance that you may not be attending. Your coach will still use the time to benefit you through lesson planning and resources development, and they will also make entries in your lesson Journal for you with practice instructions and resources etc.