Once we have registered you on the scheduler, you will receive a welcome email. When logging in for the first time, you need to change your password using the “forgot password” link.

Click “My Appointments” in the main navigation. From there you can see your upcoming appointments. Select the VIEW icon on the right for the appointment you wish to reschedule. Here you can either immediately reschedule the appointment by clicking RESCHEDULE NOW, or select MAKE UP LATER which files the appointment as a make-up lesson for future booking.

Please be mindful of the booking lead time restrictions as outlined in the Policies and Procedures on the scheduler welcome screen.

When selecting RESCHEDULE NOW, the scheduler will show available times in the next 7 days with your regular coach. If nothing appears that suits, click BACK and then click MAKE UP LATER. You can then immediately select BOOK A MAKE UP LESSON, which will allow you to check available times with other coaching staff.

Please ensure you select the correct LOCATION for your appointment.