In order to receive our services you must agree to our Service Agreement, including our Appointment Policy (shown at STEP 2)


Here is an overview of how it all works at The Guitar Gym…

Your membership includes more than just guitar lessons!  You aren’t just paying for lessons, you get more.  Your membership includes:

1.  A standing, weekly lesson reservation

2.  Your account at our private Member Zone with a learning support journal, resources and progress tools

3.  Priority access and discount rates for workshops

4.  Opportunity to participate in performance events

  • Fees are received on a fortnightly basis by direct debit only.  Your fee schedule is automated.
  • You can cancel your membership and direct debit anytime by emailing us with 14 days notice.
  • You can pause your membership and we’ll hold your reservation!  Fees are not payable for leave periods, they are deleted from your direct debit payment schedule.
  • You will have an average of 1 lesson per week, excluding periods of leave.
  • As per above, single appointments that you cannot attend are rescheduled or can be redeemed for workshops.  They are not refunded.
  • Follow the appointment policy, you will always receive the lessons you pay for.
  • NOTE we are OPEN on public holidays and during school holidays. We’ll always advise you of any closure dates and cancel/reschedule appointments in consultation with you.