I don’t like direct debit, can I pay in cash or for a block of lessons?

No. Direct debit has proven to be the only payment method that is cost effective and reliable enough for us to use. We do not see or store your financial information. You can cancel your membership anytime with just 14 days notice. If you have an absolute aversion to direct debit then we can offer a 12 month upfront membership which includes 50 lesson credits to be used within the 12 month period and for which leave does not apply.

Can I have a lesson every now and again?

No. Casual lessons are not effective, and we don’t charge per lesson anyway. A lot of planning and effort needs to go into your program, regardless of how frequently you attend.

Can I have lessons fortnightly?

Possibly.  We don’t recommend it due to diminished benefit for you. Fortnightly lessons are conditional to the lesson appointment being 60 minutes, and outside of high demand appointment times. You may also be asked to change your appointment time if it is needed for a member who attends weekly. You should have a genuine need to request fortnightly lessons.

What happens if I can’t make my appointment?

Submit the “Reschedule A Lesson” form by 5pm on the day prior to the appointment you cannot attend.  The appointment will be rescheduled.  If you cannot make it at short notice, submit this form anyway and we may be able to still do something for you but we cannot guarantee it.  We don’t want you to miss lessons and we can sometimes work something out without any detriment to our staff.

I’m going away on holidays for a few weeks…

If you wish to pause your membership, this can be done for a period of 2 or more consecutive weeks. Submit Notice Of Leave from the Member Zone and fees will not be payable for the leave period. Of course, you can reschedule the lessons instead before/after you go away.

What if I want to cancel altogether?

Email The Guitar Gym administration with 14 days notice. Note that prepaid periods or make up lessons are not refunded and you are encouraged to attend your remaining appointments.